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The business development center is designed to give potential entrepreneurs insights into the dynamics of business development and the powerful role that they play in the development of the world and its peoples. People have become the most powerful  bastions of power in our world. Every village, every nation, every town in the world, if that entity is to become self reliant, should indulge in the acquisition of such insights.

Center's Objective:

At, our goals are:

  • To open the eyes of our members especially those that are unaware of the dynamics of business development and its benefits to them and to engage those who have been inhibited from  participating in this agenda in the past, to ways by which they could be engaged.

  • To show  our members how they can implement businesses in their domiciled communities and other parts of the world. In these modern times when the world, because of the internet has become a truly  global economy, all people, wherever they abide in the world, need to be informed about the ease with which they may be able to interface with other purveyors of business in the world. Through e-commerce, this important experience, could become possible in manufacturing,  the provision of  services or other types of legitimate types of businesses.


So what is Business Development?

This can be seen as the implementation of actions by which resources with which systems   are endowed could be converted for the purpose of generating profits. Business development involves following four steps:

  1. Planning

This is the designing of strategies with which business organizations can accomplish their objectives, including the development of budgets and other guidelines,  which when utilized by businesses, would enable such players to reach goals.  In planning for the development of a business, whether that entity be a for profit or a non profit business, every aspect of that entity, including its management, marketing, the product lines that it will sell to the public, logistics, the financials of that entity, every element that must be coordinated toward ensuring that the entity reaches its goals must be considered.  Planning enables the entrepreneur to visualize where that entity wants to go and how he can get there, even before he begins to implement his entity.  Plans are normally categorized in accordance with the time-frame that they cover as follows:

  • Short range

  • Medium range

  • Long range

  1. Organizing

This can be seen as the intentional structuring of businesses by entrepreneurs towards achieving goals.  Because businesses that entrepreneurs create must weave their way through numerous obstacles as they attempt to reach goals, every action that such elements implement should be anchored by relevant intentions. Nothing that such entrepreneurs deploy towards building such businesses, which such players  are able  to control,  should be left to chance.


The manner in which a business is structured will determine the extent to which that entity will achieve its goals.   Where the entity is structured to grow slowly and equipped with the capacity to do so, it is more likely to  grow as a slow pace rather than rapidly.  Where such an entity is designed to achieve rapid growth and equipped with the capacity to implement that entity,  it is more likely to achieve such a type of growth than to grow slowly.


Even before an entity begins to operate therefore, everything that it designs towards engendering its development, including the chart that the management of such  business structures  towards depicting the future development of that  business, must be designed to engender its growth.

  1. Directing

This is the important act that the management of businesses must undertake as the basis by which such a entities could reach their objectives.


What makes directing of businesses difficult, is the fact that this activity includes the management of its human resources,  the most complex  aspect of the development of businesses.   

  1. Controlling.

This is one of the most important  steps in which entrepreneurs must engage, in their attempts to avoid chaos, as they implement businesses in environments. Such players must constantly plan, organize, direct and control all aspects of their business, or such players will fail, notwithstanding the extent to which they attempt to implement such entities successfully


Our Business Building Tools

In this unequal world in which we live, one of the greatest economic equalizers that humans have invented is business. For those who attempt to develop these entities and benefit from their implementation, they must be  designed to achieve rapid growth. To do this, entrepreneurs need all of the support that they can acquire.  Some of the methods by which such could be acquired are outlines below:

The JMC Business Companion System for communities:

This is a customized mechanism, that can be used as a guide by which  potential entrepreneurs, indigenous small and medium sized businesses that interact in systems could interface with  the  business building resources with which government and big businesses in such countries,  as well as the international arena are endowed.  Click here for more information.

jmcworld’s free tips page on starting and growing a business:

These are preliminary tips that potential entrepreneurs may utilized towards starting new businesses. Existing entrepreneurs may also be above to benefit from such tips.  Click here for more information.

General Tips about starting and growing your business:

These are general tips that our members may utilize in the process of starting and developing their enterprises.  Click here to learn about becoming a member.






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