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James Management Consulting Inc, is  a New York City based business consulting firm that specializes in providing development of businesses  solutions to potential entrepreneurs, individuals,   small, medium and large enterprises as well as non profit organizations by which such entities might achieve rapid growth. 

The entity was created in 1988 to take advantage of the need that existed in the New York area to provide  small and  medium sized businesses, especially in African American communities  with capabilities with which they could become major economic players in their environments.  Our   Home Office is located at 630 E 59th Street,  Brooklyn New York 11234.

Since  our inception, we have provided services to churches, dental offices, medical offices, bakeries, travel agencies, wholesalers, retailers, importers, exporters and other   businesses in the North Eastern sector of the united States, the Caribbean, Latin America and other parts of the world.

In foreign countries,  the company’s operations are conducted through partners that are responsible for implementing such offices in accordance with dictates of the home office and the laws of the systems in which such offices are domiciled.


The Management


The Chief Executive Officer of JMC is   Gatty James.  Mr. James specializes in organizational development, taxation, finance and human resource management with emphasis on business designs, transformation and business management. Mr. James is a graduate of Medgar Evers College of the City University of New York.  He  earned a Masters of Business Administration Masters in 1975, a Masters of Science: Accounting in 1977  and a Masters of Science: Taxation 1980 from   Long Island University, Brooklyn campus.

He is an experienced researcher who has written several works on business, religion, philosophy, human behavior in business, business history and human resource management.   His latest works, Conquering the Mountaintop and Challenges to Human Prosperity examine methods by which Africans in the Americas could, through  kingdom-based self reliant capabilities, successfully interface with big businesses, governments, the international arena and the world wide web. He is also the author of Prayers ‘n’ the Hood, an examination into the dynamics of God and the answering of prayers in neighborhoods in  the Americas and Natives in Transition, his first novel published in 1989.

Mr. James’s is the designer and author of  the Companion System of Business Development, a method that is designed to enable communities to unleash their citizens, through business development,  on the  wealth with which such players and the rest of the world are endowed.  Although this concept of business implementation has been promoted by  Mr. James for over 10 years, this important agenda was only penned and copyrighted in June of 2003. 


Management Consulting Solutions for

Organizations and Entrepreneurs


While most of our clients are potential entrepreneurs, small and medium sized businesses, we also work with  larger companies political organizations communities and nations. Whether you are just starting up your business or you are already operating that entity,  we can design a package that you can use towards   reaching your goals.

The scope of our practice includes designing and installing practical, cost effective   packages that can help our clients  effectively develop their organizations.   While our work focuses on specific areas such as business taxation, organizational development, management, marketing  policies and procedures in accounting, human resource development and other aspects of management, we also provide services in sales, procurement, the conduct of business development and other surveys, designing of strategic plans,  writing  proposals and business plans, financial reporting, cost controls, purchasing and inventory controls.

There are several aspects of our operation that set us apart from other management consulting firms:

  • We've been in business in the New York metropolitan area for more than 30 years helping hundreds of small and medium sized businesses, especially those implemented by African entrepreneurs worldwide. 

  • We work with consultants with many years of business consulting experience who can  identify problems of our clients, determine the causes of such elements, design effective solutions and guide the implementation of such elements.

  • We begin all of our  assignments with a comprehensive evaluation of the client's business designed to pinpoints areas within the business that function less effectively than they ought to,  compared to the potential of that specific company.

  • We document all new systems and   commit to ensuring that our clients and all key employees are thoroughly trained and indoctrinated so such a client’s staff understands how to achieve maximum productivity.

  • Unlike other consulting firms, we oversee the implementation of the work we introduce so that it is functioning in the client's business before we conclude the project.

  • Our work is accomplished on a time schedule that's agreed upon up front. If extra time is needed to complete the project, we, not the client, incur the cost.

Our consultancy prides itself  in helping businesses to design customized   investor-ready business strategies complemented by surveys, business plans and proposals that we prepare with you and your team from cover to cover. We have been designing and developing  these elements for   mini hotels, manufacturing, health care, transportation,  bakeries, and other areas of business especially in New York City, other parts of the United States and the Caribbean since 1988. JMC also designs and prepares proposals for non profit organization that are customized for their company's specific agendas.

Getting the most from the business design and planning processes require  a commitment from everyone involved. Therefore,  James Management Consulting, Inc   services are anchored in  partnership relationships with our clients that combines their  business visions and experiences with our business consulting expertise and insight to produce a truly outstanding and effective document.

Our experienced and professional business planning team can assist your organization, regardless of its stage of development   or the amount of capital you may be seeking. Our services are built around a solid foundation of business plan consulting, organization, preparation and writing expertise gained in the trenches. Our experience, perspective and focus has helped us build a reputation as an expert, especially with respect to helping small and medium sized businesses achieve their goals. 








Motivational Books


Prayers 'n' the


by Gatty James

Challenges to Human Prosperity

by Gatty James

Conquering the Mountaintop

by Gatty James



in Transition

by Gatty James


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James Management Consulting, Inc. is a business consulting and accounting firm. We do NOT provide legal advice.  For a list of the business services we offer, CLICK HERE.

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